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Insulation? - Willeton Home Inspection

Insulaton in Ceiling Space

For all new homes in Perth it is now mandatory to have ceiling insulation in place to a minimum standard. Unfortunately for most of our existing homes this was not the case. During all home inspections we access the roof space (that means going into it!) and determine the insulation status. We advise if there is insulation, if so - type of insulation, is it appropriately placed, is it still functional and is it through out the roof space. Now with the Federal Governaments $1600 rebate - it is an ideal time to get all ceilings spaces insulated to the minimum standard.

When you purchase a home it is important that you understand the type of insulation, how effective it is and whether additional insulation is required. During this home inspection in Willeton we identified that there is insulation in the roof and also how effective it would be taking into account its thinkness and placement.