100% Money Back Guarantee

The Resicert 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee WITHOUT Fine Prints

We do not expect our clients to ever need to exercise this option because of the quality service that we deliver.  For putting your trust on Resicert, we hope to provide an even stronger assurance that we will continue to set the standards in the industry. We want you to understand the commitment that Resicert places on our responsibility to provide you with the right advice before you make such an important decision for your family…WITHOUT any fine prints to the guarantee that we provide.

Resicert backs this up with the Professional Indemnity Insurance that aims to remove any doubt on our commitment to the building inspection services. 

Do not compromise one of the most significant decisions that you are about to make for your family!

Experience Resicert - Brilliant Inspections, Best Reports, Fast! … Your judgment is Guaranteed!